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Basically we love to vote and we all know the more votes the better.
This is a place to share that 'icvotelove'.

Example post:

icvotelove (name of community)
Click here to go there... (link to voting post)
24 entries. Yay! :D (comment (optional)

Your post doesn't have to look like this. Just posting a link is fine to.


* No banners. No promoting.
* No linking to locked entries or posts where only members can vote.
* No spamming. No double posts.
* No asking for entries, banner makers, affiliates, etcetera.

Helpful hints and tips:

* If you want to promote your icontest, try one or all of the following communities:
- i_communities
- icontest_ads
- icontest_promo
- ipromo
- mod_lims (For LIMS only.)
- mod_stillness (For still icontests only.)

* If you need more affiliates, try promoting in the above mentioned communities asking for affiliates. Or ask the icontests you're interested in if they want to affiliate.

* If you need more votes, try icontest_needs.

* If you need more entries, try icontest_needs.

* If you need one or more banner makers, try banners_wanted.


For a list of our affiliates and/or if you want to become one, click here...